Dumpster meal:

on the left- Rosemary eggs, vegan sausage, grilled shitake mushrooms, eli’s rye bread with tahini on top, (and a bit of sage on the side)

on the right- Spinach salad with shiitake mushrooms (tahini dressing with lemon and tamari)

Dumpster meal: mushrooms and endives.  Panfried endives are the best.

Behind the scenes pre photo rinse down

Looks like I’ll be eating mushrooms all week …button mushrooms; shiitake mushrooms; bella mushrooms; potabello mushrooms…

wholesome dumpster meal: leeks & organic mushrooms, sautéed with a load of herbs.  Pretty tasty.

Seaweed snacks, apples, lemons & organic chips!

bekindkarma asked:
Hello! I love what you do! I wish it was easier in Australia to do that. I was wondering have you ever experienced food poisoning from what you've eaten? Or how do you avoid food poisoning?

yes - obviously an important question — never had food poisoning.  There are a few rules to go by:

  1. trust your senses: how the thing looks, how the thing smells.  Its all common sense stuff.  If it is in a package that is bloated, don’t take it.  If it looks strange in color or totally covered in mold, don’t take it.
  2. Meat/dairy: I do dive both of these things, but am obviously aware with meat that if it a little bit suspect, I wont take it.  Trust your senses, see above!
  3. with most stuff that is not in a sealed package, like fresh produce, I eat it relatively quickly (a lot of times I don’t too) as the time you get it, it is usually at peak ripeness/deliciousness.  Some stuff lasts way longer than others, cabbage for example, lasts forever!

Basically, just trust yourself, don’t go by the label/expiration date, most times this is just a nonsense mandatory date they have to put on the label and the thing is usually good for weeks and weeks after.

delicious office lunch - everything from the dumpster.  All organic too. Look at that price tag on those shiitake mushrooms — $13.49!  Dah-yum! Found 3 of these packages.

14x Kaia Foods kale chips (chile lime flavor & sea salt/vinegar flavor)

3x Go Raw flax snax (spicy & plain flavor)

6x zucchini

4x broccoli cauliflower carrot packs

2x garden pea packs

2x Xochitl organic blue corn chips

2x organic apples

Awesome night!  Was  v.pleasantly surprised to find all the kale chips (super expensive at $7 each) at the bottom of a bag full of Xochitl chips — goes to show you gotta dig a little deeper to find the good stuff sometimes…

9x bottles of kombucha

6x fresh fruit bowls

5x greek yogurts

3x pesto

3x avocados

2x yellow zucchini

…and an asian pair

great and much needed dive:

scored 4 boxes of awesome dr kracker crackers; 2 bottles of kambucha; bag of brioche; 4 boxes of strangely delicious rice cereal (for babies); 2 trays of pineapple and 9 fruit bowls (mango, coconut, berries, mango, granola, kiwi, yuuum)

couldn’t resist!

Founds loads of organic caned tomatoes; vanilla Silk; yogurt (greek and french); a coupla zucchinis; mangosteen and acai supplements

cracker jackpot! …including the awesome greek Mt Vikos olive oil biscuits

noice finds…

Veggies: red onions, cukes

Fruit bowls: pinapple, mango, mixed berries, mixed ‘seedless’… hit the spot

Dairy: Yogurts

other stuff: Garbanzo salad, organic tofu, organic chicken breast cold cuts

happy new year everyone… here is the latest dumpster find: a load of organic cheese (montery, colby, cheddar); organic ProBars; loads of organic newman’s own raisens